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December, the month of good deeds

Millennium a CSR

Soon another successful year in terms of projects will be over. In the course of past 12 months we have helped our customers deliver IT solutions that have modernized business processes and promoted their growth. This month we have decided to focus our support on another area. 

We have delivered an analytical CRM system on the platform of Microsoft Power BI to SLS – Technaco

Analytický CRM systém pre SLS-technaco

Last month we provided an analytic solution to our new client. This solution provides SLS - Technaco with the overview of its commercial activities and significantly improves management decision–making.

What can we do for you?

Provided solutions

Portal solutions

Increase labour effectiveness by a quality portal solution.

Are you looking for a way how to make plenty of documents available to great many of users? How do you create a portal and unify access to data? We will prepare a system for you, where you can record and manage all in one location.

CRM solutions

Do not fear a demanding customer. Provide the attitude they expect from you.

It does not suffice to provide excellent services and sell quality products nowadays. Your customers are the key element of each business and require extraordinary care. Using a modern solution for customer relationship management has never been more important.

Development of applications

Do you have special requirements for your software? We will develop it exactly according to your needs.

We take care of the entire development cycle from analysis and design through realization to testing and project management. We have experience with implementation of great development projects in the scope of 1,000 and more project days. We are well aware what it means to keep within budget, time and expected quality. This has been part of our core business for years.


Mobile solutions

Be flexible. Work wherever you need to!

Discover the potential of mobile devices and acquire access to all important data of your company whenever and wherever. Availability of smart mobile phones and tablets literally invites you to do so. Possibility to dispose with needed information in any situation will strengthen all elements of your business and thus increase your profits.

Why do we belong to the best players?

Achieved awards and competences

Microsoft Partner of the Year

Microsoft Partner 2014 of the Year - Winner Slovakia

Microsoft Partner of the Year

Microsoft Partner 2014 of the Year - Winner Slovakia

Microsoft Partner of the Year

Microsoft Partner 2014 of the Year - Winner Slovakia

Microsoft Partner

Gold - Collaboration and Content
Gold - Application Development
Gold- Customer Relationship Management
Silver - Application Integration
Silver - Mobility

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